Q- How much does it cost to attend
A- £45 a day

Q- Can I get funding to pay for my place?
A- Yes you can, subject to assessment.

Q- How do I get a place at Manna
A- You will need to contact us by telephone or email. We will then refer you to your local authority who will assess you and authorise the placement.

Q- Can I pay privately
A- Yes you can

Q- Am I too old to come to Manna
A- you will need to be 18+ to attend

Q- How do you know what care I will need
A-  99% of placements are authorised by the local council. They will send us a care assessment, you will also be required to fill out one of our application forms.

Q- Do you offer transport
A- Yes we do, subject to availability

Q- Do you do day trips
A- Yes we do multiple day trips a month

Q- What If I decide Manna is not for me
A- Whilst we hope we can do everything to keep you happy, if you would like to leave we require a minimum of 4 weeks notice

Q – How do I pay for attending
A – We invoice on 1st of every month

Q- Do the council pay you direct or do I have to manage my own finance
A- The council currently do not pay us direct. So this would be up to you. If you struggle with your finances, please let us know. We can help in many different ways

Q- Are all the facilities included in the one price
A – yes, one fee covers everything we do, you get exclusive access to everything we have on site.

Q- Where are you located
A – 100 Sefton lane, Maghull, L318BT

Q- What are your opening hours
A- We are open Mon – Fri 8:30am – 4pm

Q- What if I am unsure if Manna is the right place for me
A- We offer 2 free taster days to any new client, these are no obligation. Think of it as “try before you buy”

Q- Can I attend when I want too
A – Yes and no. We ask that you pick the set days you wish to attend and stick to them, this ensures we have correct staffing levels in place. You are free to choose which days you would like to attend *subject to availability*

Q – Do you offer training courses
A- Yes we do, all of course start from Level 2.

Q- How do I view your service
A- If you would like to look around, give us a call! We would love to show you our facilities

Q – Can I get someone to help me choose a day centre
A – Yes you can, we would always recommend you ask your family for support. The local council also offers support. Remember, it is your choice, nobody elses.

Q – I am worried about coronavirus
A- Coronavirus is worrying for us all, rest assured at Manna we are doing everything we can to keep our clients safe. If you would like to see how we are managing coronavirus, please give us a call.

Q- Can I reserve a place for in the future
A – We do not allow people to reserve a space however, if you are interested please let us know and we can help get the ball rolling.

Q- Can I attend during the summer holidays
A – yes you can!

Q – Do I still have to pay when I do not attend
A – Yes you do, payments are based on the placement as a whole and not the days you attend. This also ensures you keep your space.

Q- Do I still have to pay when you decide to shut
A – If Manna close of its own accord such as Bank holidays, emergencies etc, we will not charge.

Q- Who will support me when I attend
A – You will be looked after by our amazing staff team and your key worker.

Q- When are you closed
A – Manna is closed on all public bank holidays and Christmas eve.

Q- Can I attend multiple day centres
A – Yes you can! The days and who you attend is completely your choice. In a matter of fact it is very beneficial to attend more than one day service as you get to meet more people and do more things!

Q – Is your premises wheelchair accessible?
A- Yes it is! We are completely ground level in all areas of our building

Q – How secure is Manna?
A – Manna is very secure, we have locks on all our external doors and these can only be opened by staff members with key fobs. We also have CCTV located around the whole building.

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